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During this sonic seance we will draw inspiration from the concept of the seance, a word derived from the French, meaning 'to sit', or 'a session', referring to occasions where spiritualists would gather to commune with the deceased. During the late 1800's - early 1900's, seances enjoyed their peak of popularity before inevitably becoming associated with fraudulent activity. Recent resurgence in interest can be linked to New Age movements where adherents are more inclined to believe in the ability to raise the consciousness of all involved, rather than only of a select few occupying the role of a medium. It is in this vein that we hold our sonic seances. We believe that through the sharing of particular frequencies, words, gestures and engaging in collective deep listening and dream practices we can collectively arrive at new realisations, new ways of being-together and relating with ourselves and others - in this realm and beyond.


lou drago

Bring your rugs and join part of our infinite constellation tomorrow night at Arsenic. At midnight, we will begin to apply a soothing sonic balm, offering a moment for being-listening together as we gently dive into some ongoing thoughts around shame and insecurity, the usefulness of the closet and techniques of obfuscation, and our lack of resonance with the term pride.

We will open with a screening of Serge Garcia’s short film, Grand Central Hotel, made with the transgendered icon, Terre Thaemlitz. The short film is sparse in imagery yet abundant with ideas, leaving us with much to reflect upon as we dive together into a musical soundscape made for contemplation and introspection.

How might it feel to overcome shame? Who might i become if i clung less tightly to my identity? What would it feel like to feel grateful for this life - as it is, not how i wish it to be?

lou drago


Behind layered veils of secrets Lays the potency of destruction and becoming May hard shells become cocoons Vulnerable spaces for metamorphosis

“Clarity is the ability to transform fear into trust, so that the situation can become more abundant by opening to others” – Mariana Nobre Vieira

A fog of concealment and hiding can also inadvertently become an opportunity for transformation and generation. We have been thinking together, particularly of queer shame and the byproducts that come from not living one's truth. Both western scientific and mindfulness-based practices agree that the first step to overcoming shame is acceptance and self-compassion. Self-love has been commodified in an attempt to sell us something to make us feel better about our compartmentalised existences, yet the first step to caring about ourselves isn’t found in a product, but in extending to ourselves the care and patience we might have for a friend. Without the desire to transform shame, we can unwittingly create shells in which we become trapped. As Buddhist scholar Bhikkhu Anālayo points out, “guilt is not useful. Not guilt, but taking responsibility. I'm here. Let me take my responsibility.” Being imperfect is something we all have in common, and in collectively acknowledging our flaws, our secrets, or our shame (verbally or not) we might be relieved of some of the burden of carrying its weight.

You are warmly invited to bring a rug and join Lou Drago and marum for our next sonic-seance where we can lay down and get cosy together.

Accessibility: The sonic seance will be hosted in English. Understanding English is not necessary to participate. The venue is wheelchair accessible There will be loud music, with low frequencies. Earplugs will be freely available. There won’t be strobe lights. There will be a smoke machine. The event will last about 2,5 hours If you bring your own carpet, please make sure that it is not too dusty and free of animal hair.


mma kgosi

jules petru fricker

Riding the Pegasus clouds at Bone Festival, under the sky-high ceilings of Gross Halle Reitschule in Bern where sonic dreams brought the festival to an end.

Thank you Mma Kgosi for channeling our archive and other soporific spells, Jules Petrus Fricker for tenderizing the space and nursing the guests, marum for hosting with a feather-like poise and music.

Thank you to all the team for their efforts in making everyone feel welcome into this magnificent space, valuing accessibility and care, while tying together a beautiful program of music, dance and other delights.