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Riding the Pegasus clouds at Bone Festival, under the sky-high ceilings of Gross Halle Reitschule in Bern where sonic dreams brought the festival to an end.

Thank you Mma Kgosi for channeling our archive and other soporific spells, Jules Petrus Fricker for tenderizing the space and nursing the guests, marum for hosting with a feather-like poise and music.

Thank you to all the team for their efforts in making everyone feel welcome into this magnificent space, valuing accessibility and care, while tying together a beautiful program of music, dance and other delights.

chima hiro


lou drago


weselle + zu ferreira

Relax your eyelids, imagine you’re floating weary yet gently attuning with the vibrations resting, recharging, dreaming As sunlight fades, we take this time to slow down and repair, mending broken branches and severed tethers we practice care and mutuality embracing the deepest doings of friendship.

Allowing our bodies to rest, Weselle and Zu Ferreira guided an exchange of angelic harmonies and channts, followed by the hybrid live set of Ukrainian soundscape artist que, sharing sonic material recorded while dwelling in Lisbon, where he has been displaced since the start of the full-scale invasion. Chima Hiro soulful and moody sets are known to embrace an expansive and surprising taste, whuich have cheekily awakened us as the sun rose. Hosts Lou Drago and marum have wooven fragments of poetry and collected writings through one another’s music, whilst focusing on setting the mood for deep-rest and collective dreaming.

Grateful to everyone who laid down with us last week for what was an 11h journey through a myriad of soundscapes attuned with a desire to mend the body and the heart, rest the mind and strengthen friendships and kin.

Together with friends we managed to transform Planeta Manas into an oneiric den filled with rugs and stars. ✨

Thank you Mariana, Mar, Bruno, Inês, David, Miguel, Marco and everyone that offered their hands and help, who cooked delicious meals, warm brews and helped spooning everyone (in its multiple meanings) comfy and make this moment possible and smooth.

Thanks to Chima Hiro, Weselle, Zu Ferreira and que for joining our hosts marum and Lou Drago on the dream booth and together tether the sounds and other vibrations that tucked us and and everyone that came through the night. 🌙

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jonathan james

jules petru fricker

lou drago


mma kgosi


May we feel lighter these days, on the surface tension of the river waters. May we learn from the old boats, undulating as sonic waves softly rock their bodies.

Never in our collective memory can we remember a time of such catastrophic climate events, and paired with a loss of faith in much (if not all) of political leadership, it is hard to know where to gather strength to continue working for the protection and preservation of all life. For us, being in community, listening and sharing music and knowledge has always been that source of perseverance.

In recent years self-care has been co-opted (like everything else) toward an individualist, neoliberal agenda. We still acknowledge the radical root of how important it is for queer, black and brown, and differently abled folks to care for themselves in systems that are designed with other subjectivities in mind.

We wish to host a moment for caring for ourselves, with others, as we believe that both self-care and caring for one another is integral to healing. We will not shy away from difficult subjects, but hope to be able to face these together to go through, what is a vital process of acknowledgement and mourning, so that we can persevere in the face of collapse.

This sonic seance will be split across two days at Hosek Contemporary, Berlin. You’re invited to bring your rug from home and get cosy with us on the boat, majestically adorned in original textile artworks by Jonathan James.

On the second day we will pivot inward, taking with us the rich lessons of the day prior to focus on our relationships with our inner selves, as well as our relationships to each other. We consider building resilient communities to be crucial and believe in the lifelong ongoing work of practicing care in order to co-exist in all the messiness our current era confronts us with.

We will begin the day with a consent workshop facilitated by Em Steinberg, where she invites us to experientially recognise our desires as well as our boundaries. Hosts, marum and Lou Drago will be joined behind the decks by deep-mind explorer, Sybil and future-facing, Rroxymore, while Jules Petru Fricker (aka LEGZ) serves from the jug of plenty and MmaKgosi hosts, shares readings, and all a necessary ingredient in the magical brew for intimacy on the infinity rug.

Accessibility: Free entrance The venue is located a 5 minute walk away from an U-Bahn Station and is not wheelchair accessible due to stairs. There is no bathrooms on site but we are allowed to use the bathroom at Cafe Re. There will be a room with loud music and a room for workshops with a bar. In the music room, we ask that you keep talking to a minimum. All events will be in English and some with International Sign Language. We have a host-awareness team providing care and help.

This even was funded by the Berlin initiative Draussenstadt.